Editorial Abbreviations and Symbols


BL       British Library
Bodl.   Bodleian Library
DCA   Dulwich College Archive
LMA   London Metropolitan Archives
STC   A.W. Pollard and G.R. Redgrave (comps), Short-Title Catalogue...14751640
TNA: PRO   The National Archives: Public Record Office
Wing   D.G. Wing (comp), Short-Title Catalogue...16411700
A   Antiquarian Compilation
AC   Antiquarian Collection
<...>   lost or illegible text in the original
[ ]   enclose cancelled text in the original
(blank)   a blank in the original where text would be expected
º º   enclose text in the original added in another hand
˹ ˺   enclose text written above the line
˻ ˼   enclose text written below the line
^   caret mark in the original
|   change of folio, membrane, page, or sheet in continuous text