Team and Sponsor


The Fortune Theatre Records: A Prototype Digital Edition by Records of Early English Drama (REED) could not have been created without the help of the following institutions and individuals, whose contributions are gratefully acknowledged:


Financial Sponsor

This Prototype Digital Edition was made possible by the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation through its Scholarly Communications Program.


Research Team

University of Toronto

  • Sally-Beth MacLean (REED), Principal Investigator; editorial direction
  • Carolyn Black (REED), Senior Editorial Consultant
  • John A. Geck (REED), Project Manager
  • Patrick Gregory (REED), Paleographer
  • Tanya Hagen (REED), Bibliographer and editor of Early Modern London Theatre (EMLoT) Fortune Theatre records
  • Sian Meikle (University of Toronto Libraries), Interim Director, Information Technology Services - Digital Library & Web Services; Partner

 King’s College London

  • John Bradley (Department of Digital Humanities, DDH), Partner; technical direction
  • Paul Caton (DDH), TEI/XML consultant and Entity Authority Tool Set (EATS) data design for records data
  • Miguel Vieira (DDH), prototype web application creator
  • Paul Vetch (DDH), Partner; Boydell & Brewer liaison; research development staff manager

 Ryerson University

  • Jason Boyd (Centre for Digital Humanities), Partner; TEI Customization and Implementation; EATS implementation supervisor 
  • Trieneke Gastmeier, EATS implementation Research Assistant
  • Daniela Robibero, Experiential Work Study Undergraduate Research Assistant

 Other Team Members

  • Peter Clifford (Boydell and Brewer), Partner; Managing Director, Boydell and Brewer
  • Stephanie Hovland, REED research associate paleographer
  • Jessica Freeman, REED Middlesex/Westminster collection editor including Fortune Records

Thanks also to Mike Stumpf for supplementary research on some of the Fortune Theatre records to facilitate EATS implementation.

Server infrastructure has been kindly provided by the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London.