To ye righte honorable the Lordes and others
of her maiesties most honorable privie Councell:/
In all humbleness: Wee the Inhabitantes of ye Lordshipp of .ffynisburye. within the parrishe of St Gyles without Creplegate London) Doe certifie vnto your honnours. That wheare the Servantes of the right honorable Earle of Nottingham . haue latelie gone aboute to erect and sett vpp. a Newe Playehowse. within the said Lordship) Wee could be contented, that the same might proceede, and be Tollerated (Soe it stande with your honnours pleasures) ffor the reasons and Causes followeinge/.
First because the Place. appoynted oute for that purpose Standent very tollerable neere vnto the ffeildes, and soe farr distant and remote frome any person or Place of accompt. As that None cann be Annoyed thearbie:/ Secondlie because the Erectours of the saied howse , are contented to give a very liberall porcion of money weekelie, towardes ye relief of our Poore, The nomber & necesseity whereof, is soe greate that the same will redounde to ye contynuall comfort of ye saied Poore:
Thirdlie and Lastlie wee are the rather Contented to accept this meanes of relief of our Poore, because our Parrishe is not able to releeue them. Neither hath the Iustices of the Sheire taken any order, for any Supplie oute of ye Countye, As is enioyed by ye late Acte of Parliamente:/
(signed) hary stapleforde
(signed) Thomas Reade
(signed) Anthonie Marlowe
(signed) William baylle
william WG Garruld
(signed) Nycolas Sherman
(signed) Thomas stapullford
Martyn Wff fforde
Stephen X Abbott
Nicholas R Russell
John + Johnson
(signed) Thomas whelple
(signed) Richard Lewes
William WB Browne Constable
(signed) William Hewlett
(signed) Roger Wild
(signed) Richard goode
(signed) John Hitchens ° overseer for our poore°
(signed) George Garland ° overseer for our poore°
Awsten AG Garland
(signed) Roger: Osborne
O Nicholas Warden
(signed) John Webbe
Thomas T Gibbes
Thomas A Nicholles
(signed) Edward Gateward
(signed) John Remys


  • WG: Garruld’s personal sign
  • Wff: Forde’s personal sign
  • X: Abbot’s personal sign resembling a swastika
  • R: Russell’s personal sign
  • +: Johnson’s personal sign, resembling a bow-tie
  • WB: Browne’s personal sign
  • AG: Garland’s personal sign
  • O: Warden’s personal sign
  • T: Gibbes’ personal sign, a large ornamented T
  • A: Nicholles’ personal sign resembling an A slanting sharply to the left


This address of the inhabitants of Finsbury to the Privy Council is undated, but is probably about January 1599/1600. It is also printed in Chambers, Elizabethan Stage, vol 2 Appendix D, No. cxxi, where he dates the document to c April 1600. With the exceptions of signatures and scribal marks, text on f [2] is written in a second hand.