°Boundry of Finsbury/+°

We finde that Iohn Medcofe skinner hathe of the citty by lease a parcell of grounde deuided into many gardens lyinge and beinge one the weste side of that parte of ffynsbury field called Bunehill field which pece of grounde adioyning to tenementes & gardenes supposed to be the free hold lande of his one neare vnto the highe waye leadinge from Pictehedge to shorddiche C[s]hurche And that their is an Alle betwene the said ground of the Cittie and the said subposed to be free lande of the said Medcaulfe whervppon he hathe over theaste ende of the same Alle builded or suffered to be builded by his Tennauntes | a newe howse the southe ende of which howse standeth into the gardenes belongine to the Cittie twoo fete & a half in lenghte westwardes .xiiijtine fute & a half or their aboutes. wherfore wee presente him for the same. And likewiese for theaste side of the same howse stande into the felde caulled Bunehille field Nine Inches And that he hathe sett vpp a butteris of Bricke standinge into the said field three foute
Also wee presente the said Medcaulf land which he holdethe lyethe within the Mannour of ffynsbury but wether yt be holden of the Mannour or noe we knowe notte But that is within the circuite and boundes of the same Mannur

pp 25–7*

Wee finde that the true boundes of the Mannour of ffinsbury beginnethe at the southe weste corner of the gardens adoiyninge to the | ffarme howse of finsbury [and goethe] belonginge to the said mannor of ffynsbury and goethe Easte ward allonge one the southe side of the same gardens allonge thorowe the Alle which Alle is in the same Mannour and so alonge by the Ralle which separtes mallowe felde & more feld and so alonge by the southe ende of the gardens adoiyninge to More feld and so alonge by the southe ende of the gardens adoiyninge to More feld into a diche of watter called the comone sewer which runnethe into more diche. And from thence the same diche Northewarde alonge one theaste side the gardens belonginge to Iohn Worssopp and so alonge one theaste side of twoo closes of the same Iohn Worssopp nowe in the occupacion of Thomas Lee thelder buttcher for which gardens & Closses the said Iohn Worssopp payethe quitrent to the mannour of ffynsbury as aperethe by the Recorde. And so the same boundes [g] goe over the highewaye close by a barren latly builded by one Niccolles includinge the same barren and so northe as the comon sewer & waye goethe to the playehowse called the Theater And so tournethe by the same comon sewer to Dame agnes the clere And then the same boundes turne weste wardes as the way goethe to the new howses latly builded by Humffry Toye/ which is heald by lease of the Cittie for three yerely Rente of xx s. which howses standethe one theaste side of the waye leadinge from Aldersgate strett and so turninge to Islingeton by Charter howse walle | And then the same boundes turne southe [ward] towardes Aldersegatt includinge Didimus Bucklandes groundes howe⸢farre⸣ [for] furder wee doe not well know But wee finde that diuers quitrentes ar and haue bene payed to the same Mannour for landes lyinge in Goswell, Barbicaine, Redcrossteret, gouldinge lane, Bechlane, Whitecrosstret, Cheswell strete, and Grubstrete, aswell within the fredom of the Cittie of London as without/


  • Churche: C written over s


Although this 1586 inquest describes the then boundaries of the manor of Finsbury, the playhouse mentioned is the Theatre, in Shoreditch.