De Concessione licencie pro Thoma Downton & alijs.

Iames by the grace of God &c To all Iustices Maiors Sheriffes ʌ⸢bailiffes Constables headboroughes and other our officers and loving subiectes greeting knowe ye that wee of our especiall grace certaine knowledge and meere mocion haue licenced and authorized and by theise presentes doe licence and authorize Thomas Downton Thomas Towne William Byrde Edwarde Iuby Samuell Rowle humfrey Ieffes Charles Massey and Anthonie Ieffs servauntes to our dearest sonne the Prince and the rest of theire Associates to vse and exercise the arte and facultie of playing Commedies Tragedies histories Enterludes Morralls Pastoralls Stageplayes and such other like as they haue alreadie studied or hereafter shall vse or studie aswell for the recreacion of our lovinge subiectes as for our solace and pleasure when wee shall thincke good to see them during our pleasure And the said Commedies Tragedies histories Enterludes Morralls pastoralls stageplaies and suche like to shewe and exercise publiquelie to their best Commoditie aswell within theire nowe vsuall house called the ffortune within our Countie of Middlesex as alsoe within anie Towne Halls or Moutehalls or other convenient places within the libertie and ffredomes of anie other Cittie vniversitie Towne or Boroughe whatsoeuer within our Realmes and Domynions willing and Commaundinge you and everie of you as you tender our pleasure not only to permitt and suffer them herein without anie your lettes hindraunces or molestacions during our saide pleasure but alsoe to be aiding and assisting vnto them yf anie wrong be to them offered And to allowe them such former curtesies as hath been given to men of theire place and quallitie And alsoe what further favour you shall shewe vnto them for our sake wee shall take kindelie at your handes Prouided alwaies and our will and pleasure ys that all auctoritie power priuiledges and profittes whatsoever belonging and properlie appertaining to the Maister of our Revells in respecte of his office and everie Clause article or graunte conteined within the lettres patentes or Commission which haue heretofore been graunted or directed by the late Queene Elizabeth our deere Sister or by our selves to our welbeloued servants Edmonde Tilney Maister of the office of our said Revells or to Sir George Bucke knighte or to either of them in possession or reversion shall be remayne and abide entire and in full force estate and vertue and in as ample sorte as yf this our Commission had never been made In witnesse whereof &c witnesse our selfe at westminster the Thirtith daie of Aprill. extracta
per brreve de priuato sigillo &c


  • the: written over erasure


This licence was printed in E.K Chambers and W.W. Greg (eds), ‘ Dramatic Records from the Patent Rolls. Company Licences,’ Collections 1, pt 3, Malone Society (Oxford, 1909), 268–9. It was also printed by T.E. Tomlins in the Shakespeare Society’s Papers, 4 (1849), 42, although it was mistakenly described as Privy Seal and misdated 1607. The Signet Bill itself is indexed under April 1606 in TNA: PRO SO3/3.