° Memorandum quod vndecimo die Ianuarij Anno Decimo et xlvj Iacobi Regis istud Breve Deliberatum fuit Domino Cancellario Anglie apud westmonasterium exequendum./°

JAMES by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, ffrance and Ireland defendour of the faith &c To our right trusty and welbeloved Counsellour Thomas Lord Ellesmere our Chauncellour of England greeting. Wee will and commaund yow that vnder our great Seale of England yow cause our lettres patentes to be made forth in forme following. Iames by the grace of God &c. To all Iustices, Mayours, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Constables, Headboroughes, and all other our Officers and loving Subiectes, greetinge, Knowe yee that wee of our especiall grace certaine knowledg & meere mocion have licensed and authorized, and by theise presentes doe License and authorise Thomas Downton, William Bird, Edward Iuby Samuell Rowle, Charles Massey, Humfrey Ieffes, ffranck Grace, William Cartwright, Edward Colbrand, William Parr, William Stratford, Richard Gunell ʌIohn Shancke and Richard Price Servantes to our sonne in lawe the Elector Palatine and the rest of their Associates, to vse and exercise the art and facultie of playing Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, Enterludes, Moralles, Pastoralles, Stageplayes and such other like, as they haue alreadie studied, or hereafter shall vse or studie, aswell for the recreacion of our loving Subiectes, as for our solace and pleasure, when wee shall thinke good to see them, during our pleasure. And the said Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, Enterludes, Moralles, Pastoralles Stageplayes and such like, to shewe and exercise publicquely to their best commoditie, aswell within their now vsuall howse called the ffortune within our County of Middlesex, as also within any Towne Halles, or Moutehalles or other convenient places within the libertie and freedome of any Cittie, Vniuersitie, Towne or Borough whatsoever within our Realmes and Dominions. Willinge and commaundinge yow and every of yow as yow tender our pleasure, not only to permitt and suffer them herein without any your Lettes, hinderanes or molestacions during our said pleasure; but also to be ayding and assisting vnto them, if any wrong be to them offered, And to allowe them such former curtesies, as hath been given to men of their place and qualitie; And alsoe what further favour yow shall shewe vnto them for our sake, wee shall take kindly at your handes. Prouided alwaies and our will and pleasure is, That all authoritie, power, priviledges and proffittes whatsoever belonging and properly apperteyning to the master of our Revelles, in respect of his office, and every clause, article or graunt conteyned with in the lettres patentes or Commission, which haue been heretofore graunted or directed to our welbeloved servant Sir George Buck knight master of our said Revelles, shalbe remayne and abide entire and in full force estate and vertue, and in as ample sorte as if this our Commission had never been made. In wittnes whereof &c. Given vnder our privie Seale at our Pallace of Westminster the sixth day of Ianuarie, in the Tenth yeare of our raigne of England ffraunce and Ireland, and of Scotland the sixe and thirtieth./.
(signed) Iames Hylles deputy (signed) francis Hylles
Receptum .11. Ianuarij .1612
°Extractum° Commission/


  • Iames: in italic script
  • Knowe: in italic script
  • Palatine: in italic script
  • Prouided: in italic script
  • In witnes: in italic script
  • thirtieth: for fortieth