Thomas Roycroft servant & apprentice to the plaintiff Iohn Beale , aged .19. yeres or thereaboutes sworne &c deposeth &c To the 6th Interrogatory That vpon the 27th of October Anno Domini .1639: hee was ʌ⸢with another of his fellowe servantes by his said master the plaintiff employed & appointed to tender & pay vnto Matthias Allen in the Article named :3: quarters Rent which the plaintiff At the Michaelmas ymediatly then before was behind for A certeine share or part which he had in the house called the ffortune play howse nere Golding Lane London & the ground thereto belonging the said Matthias Allen being Master of [of] Dulwich Colwich in Surry. And this deponent with his said fellowe servant whose name was Thomas Harding did the day aforesaid tender the said money & .3. acquittances for the same to the said mr Allen . whoe saying it was not vsuall ʌ⸢with him⸣ to signe Acquittances till he had his money. this deponent paid him the said money being the somme of :8 li.: 4 d.: ½. & then desired him to signe the said acquittances which he the said Matthias had before read approved of and promised to signe. But as[t] vpon that request the said Matthias called for Thomas Allen in the Article also named who was warden of the said Colledg who being come the said Matthias willed him to signe the said .3. acquittances saying it was his place office & dutie to signe the same But therevpon the said Thomas called the said Matthias aside. & the said Matthias ⸢then⸣ vpon that put vp the said .8 li.: 4 d.: ½. in a bagg. & went to the said Thomas & they twoe haueing had ⸢some⸣ [a greate deale of] private discourse togeather. to what effect this deponent could not vnderstand or heare the said Matthias ʌ⸢& Thomas Allen retorned & [pretended] to[ld] this deponent & his said fellowe servant that [the said Complainant was in arrears more then the said money. yet would never & that] the said acquittances should not be signed [till that was paied] & would [neither say what that was or when due] Nor [would the] restore the said money. nor ʌ⸢assigne⸣ the said acquittances. Neither did the [<..>] ʌ⸢said Matthias Allen pretend [or say] anie [such] matter ʌ⸢at all⸣ vpon his perusall of the said acquittances before he had the money ʌ⸢to the contrary⸣ but approoved thereof. & promised to signe them when the money was paid as aforesaid. the said acquittances being in full for all mony due by the said Complainant to the foresaid Michaelmas .1639: which was all the money the plaintiff owed them at that tyme as this deponent beleeveth. And further then as aforesaid he cannot say to this Interrogatory. [saue]
(signed) Thomas Roycroft./