Middlesexie sessiones

Memorandum quod decimo octauo die Maij Anno Regni domini nostri Caroli dei gracia Anglie Scotie ffrauncie & Hibernie Regis fidei defensoris &c secundo venerunt Coram me Georgio Longe Armigero vno Iusticiariorum dicti domini Regis ad pacem in Comitatu Middlesexie conseruandam assignatorum Robertus ffranke de Blackwall in parochia de Stepne in Comitatu Middlesexie saylor et Willelmus Collison de eadem sayler in proprijs personis suis et manuceperunt pro Patriaco Gray de Blackwall predicto in Comitatu Middlesexie saylor vizt. vterque manucaptorum predictorum sub pena quinquaginta librarum et predictus Patriacus assumpsit pro seipso sub pena Centum marcarum quas concesserunt de bonis et catallis terris et tenementis suis ad vsum dicti domini Regis fieri et leuari si defecerint in Condicione subsequente./
The Condicion of this Recognizance ys such that if the aboue bounden Pattricke Gray do personally appere at the next Sessions of the peace to be holden for this County of Middlesex And then answere such matters as shalbe obiected against him touchinge His misdemenor in A [⸢dangerous⸣ Ryott att the ffortune playhouse & callinge to his ffellow saylors to knocke them all downe [⸢that were present⸣ And departe not thence without licence of the Court that then this Recognizance to be void or els to stand & remaine in full force & vertue./
(signed) George Longe


Patrick Gray was bailed to appear at the sessions of 23 May and appeared on the Newgate Gaol Delivery of 24 May 1626 (MJ/SBR/004, p 396 and MJ/GBR/003, f 171v). The recognizances of two other men who appeared at the Newgate Gaol Delivery, John Lee and Thomas Hastings , have not survived, but their names appear on the same Gaol Delivery Roll, MJ/GBR/003, ff 171v and 177v.