Robert Wilson
One ʌ⸢of⸣ five Servants to the Earl of Leicester to whom a Licence for Acting was granted in 1574.
Perhaps he is Mr Wilson who is named 4th among the excellent old Actors who lived before his time & whose names are almost forgotten by Thomas Heywood in his Apology for Actors 1612.
A Sharer in the Black Friars November 1589. New Tracts 10.
a Robert Wilson said by Malcolm to be an actor at the Fortune Theater at St Giles Cripplegate 1600. Malcolm Londoni Revividum.
| Certificate Iune 6. Lord Howard Effingham lord Chamberlain to Sir Christopher Hatton Vice Chamberlain. Commissioner of the Subsidy granted 27 Elizabeth that Robert Wilson one of Her Majestys Players is mostly resident in the Court & is valued therein after the rate of 5 li. in goods.


  • 27 Elizabeth: 1585


The 19th century antiquarian, Hunter, often included additional notes to existing records as here. The original certificate of residence for Robert Wilson in 1585 can be found at TNA: PRO E115/403/110, although this is dated 'Vltimo Die Iunij.'