For restraint of playes.

After our very hartie commendations to your Lordship Whearas certein infourmation is given that very great multitudes of all sorts of people do daylie frequent & resort to common playes lately again set vp in & about London. whearby it is vpon good cause feared that the dangerous infection of the plague , by Gods great mercy and goodnes well slaked, may again very dangerously encrease and break foorth to the great losse and preiudice of hir Maiestes Subiects in generall & especially to those of that Citie of whose safetie & well doing hir Highnes hath alwayes had an especiall regard as by the last ʌ⸢years⸣ experience by lyke occasions & resort to playes it soddainly encreased from a very little number to that greatnes of mortallitie which ensued. Wee thearfore thought it very expedient to require your Lordship foorthwith to take strait order that thear bee no more publique playes or enterludes exercised by any Companie whatsoever within the compas of five miles distance from London till vpon better lykelyhood and assurance of health farther direction may bee given from vs to the contrary. So wee bid your Lordship very hartily farewell. ffrom the Court at Hampton. the 3. of February.1593.
Your Lordships very loving friend.
Iohn Cantuar Io Puckering. C Howard
Thomas Buckhurst Robert Cecyll. I Fortescue

To our very good Lord mr Alderman Buckle
Lord Maior of the Citie of London.